October 19 - 23

What is National Student Registration Week?

Watch this news story on the Parchment College Tools!
National Student Registration Week (Oct 19-23) is the national movement to get students prepared for their future. 
Whether students are searching for the right college, applying for an internship or interviewing for a job, sharing a copy of their transcript will be a part of the process. Take this week to focus on getting all of your students registered with Parchment. When the time comes to order transcripts - it will be a snap! 

Benefits? Avoid Crunch Time!

  • Help students prepare in advance
  • Save yourself from the stress of last-minute requests
  • Students are familiar with Parchment early 
  • Accounts & official records can be matched for lightening-fast transcript processing
Join the Movement! 
Registrars and School Counselors across the nation are joining the movement to help get their students college bound!
Download the Student Guide for using Parchment's College Tools!
A guide to how students can use the tools and analytics available for free on Parchment.com to aid in their college search.