Supporting Lifelong Learner Pathways: The Case for Unified Records Management

As K12 school and district leaders, you are preparing your students for the challenges of today’s world. To be successful, they must be equipped with not just knowledge, but also evidence of and access to their hard-earned credentials.

These credentials open up opportunities with employers, post-secondary institutions, and more, regardless of what pathways your students (and alumni) take. As they progress along this long and winding road of learning, Parchment is there to support them. And you.

In this white paper, you'll come away with:

  • A better perspective on the many different paths learners take into and out of your district
  • Why you should be thoughtful about your role as the steward for your students’ records
  • What students, staff, and systems can gain from a unified approach to records management 
  • A view of the future of credentialing in K12
  • How you can imagine unified records management working in your own school district

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Matt Sterenberg
K-12 Director, Parchment

Barrington Huntley
Assistant Director of Outreach and Strategic Partnerships, NCAA Eligibility Center

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