Free Buyer's Guide: K12 School Record Management System

We created this guide to help you find the right system for Administrators and Learners!

A Preview of What's Inside

Which Student Records?

The system should manage all types of incoming records: from Transcripts to Attachments.

Who Can Order?

Who your system should allow access to records. Beyond current students. 

And More!

Downloadable checklist to help you know the requirements to look for during your search.

Deep Admissions Capabilities

Over 80% of higher education institutions and 2,500 employers receive transcripts through Parchment.

This means faster processing and decisions for your students.

An in-network exchange is secure and provides end-to-end tracking.

An Unrivaled Student Experience 

Students can place an order in 5 simple steps. An added benefit - the credential profile grows with the student as they collect future achievements enabling them to showcase what they have learned. 

672 Hours Saved

At Neenah High School by using the Parchment solution!

“With Parchment, there’s a safety net because families have more control over the process than in the past. Now, students can take ownership of their transcripts and postsecondary planning.” 

-Jill Gordee, Student Counselor

Easy & Powerful Administrator Tools

Time & Cost Savings

What used to take half the day can now be done in moments. Less time managing records means more time on what you'd rather be doing.

Reduce Student Questions

With the simple interface, online tracking and email notifications students will rest easy knowing their order is taken care of.

Get The Guide Today

Finding a new system should be simple. You really need an easy to use, comprehensive academic record management system.  That's why we are also including a free checklist that you can download to help you with your search.